Thursday, November 11, 2010

Outtake Photos

Several times a year we shoot TV commercials with the different networks we are working with. Many people have stopped us and asked "who writes your TV commercials?" I'm not sure anyone ever believes us but it really is Will and Jason ( and a tweak from me, their mother here and there). We love making these and we especially love it when future customers shout...."I Like it" a line from our beauty shop makeover, or "Hey wheres Lil Will'z ?" from our quality control commercial.

Here are a few outtake photos from our recent Training Day shoot.

Hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The holidays are fast approaching. I can't believe how fast the seasons have flown by. So now here we all are faced once again with making out our lists and gettings it all done in time.
So are you hosting the big family Thanksgiving dinner? Do you have enough room for everyone?

Our family gets together and the kids are all getting too big to sit at a "kid table". These are things you just don't think about until it's too late. Plan now for next year and add the room you need. Or better yet ,remodel the area you have making your existing floor plan for today's needs not the needs of families from 10,20,30 years ago. Remember when families needed a parlor? Well ok maybe I'm going a tad too far back. But I remember when you thought you just had to have a family room dining room and a formal living room. Well how often did you really use those areas ? Once twice a year, maybe!

An open floor plan connects the family back together again. Mom (or perhaps Dad) isn't isolated in the kitchen preparing a meal. And you can actually see the kids at the dining room table doing projects and homework from the living room.

Reconnect....Remodel for todays family...your family!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I think I should tell my readers who the author of this blog is, at least most of the time. My name is Rebecca, and I am Will and Jason's Mom. I work in the office and if you've ever called us it will most likely be me you have talked to. There may be some occasions when Will's wife Amy will step in and help on days when I am over whelmed in the office. Sadly the older I get the more often that happens.

Since it is now November I decided we should put together a photo Christmas card for our customers. Many of you have remarked about how much you love our commercials. So the idea we have come up with will be in that same spirit of fun, and goofiness we're know for. We have so much fun putting our commercials together. Everyone has been such a good sport,even when they have had to wear a blond wig! When we have our final product I will post a picture for everyone to see. Or maybe I will post the funnier ones we thought best not to send. I'm sure getting all of these guys to hold a pose could be a real challenge. Like our commercials for instance, the outtakes are often times the best part.

I'm not sure if anyone knows that all of our commercial ideas come from Jason and Will. Then we all brain storm and tweak it together. That for me is the most fun. The world may not be ready for some of the ideas we've come up with, but our only intention is to make you all laugh.....and remember our name.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello again.

I must apologize for my lack of attention to our company blog. This whole blogging world has been very new to me and I must say a tad confusing. Hopefully we have ironed out the issues and can begin again. That's why we are starting over....fresh.

I want to make this a place where you can meet and get to know our great company, as well as all the guys who work here. Over the years we have met some great people who have become friends and I hope this is a way for us to stay in touch. I plan to show you work from our past and work we are presently involved in. There is a great book that can explain the process if you are new to it. It's called, Houses are designed by Genuises & built by Gorillas, by author Bob Johnson. It can be a great tool when you doing your research. If you have questions please call us we will do our best to help you put together a plan that works for you and your family.

Construction it self isn't pretty, but trust me, the end result always is. We want to be the company who makes your remodeling dreams come true.

Visit us here to learn ideas and get to know the process.

It really is true "where theres a Will theres a way"